Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anger management

Hell no! I'm not gonna write shit on anger management. Yep, I'm angry, emotionally unstable, physically lethargic, but still able to handle the situation, at leaat by keeping my mouth shut. Seriously, I've been working in, what, 4-5 different companies appoximately, changes of superior for about 6-7 times, and hell this is the first person that I always wanted to say 'Shut your bloody mouth, asshole. You're not making things better for anyone but you'. Damn, I thought the worst boss I ever had was like 3-4 years back, whom always care about nothing but the money. And then I met (and unfortunately, have to work with) this grumpy old man. I thought age made us more mature, understandable and understanding, then there come the black sheep of the herd. You know who.


Staff controlling, human management, is suppose to be something you can learn through experience. Its not some shit that you can get by attending this high-paid seminar, 3-4 times your salary or whatever, and how good the content is. Experience teaches you the best way to get into people. Managing a company, regardless how small or how big the company is, falls directly on how you control, handling other people. A good bos is the one being respect by the staffs, not being afraid of. No matter how old you are, how many white hair you've being grown on your bloody head, of you never learn how to listen, you will never ever succeed in managing others.


When we talk about experience, yes it will involve how many years you have been living, how many people you have met. But that doesn't guarantee maturity unless you start to listen, listen, and listen, and think about other people. Maturity, shows on how calm you handle a problem, how you relate to others, how you act through situations, how you respect others. Standard Operating Procedures, being carried out in all firms, its a guidelines on how you must do your work, and it should, must come with your creativity on how to tackle the end result. Follow it blindly, or make it better? Your call, wiser decision on your right hand, stupidity always lays on the other, your call.


You wanna talk about professional? Then leave your personal hateness, grudges, the story of how you attend that so-called seminar few decades ago, leave it on your doorstep, never bring it inside the office. Come on, you asking a question and urges people to answer but you never want to listen to any of the answer. Where's the solution? When there's a problem, you should find a solution, not a way to yell at others, find more and more mistakes, piled it all up so you can yell some more. That's your definition of professional? Then FUCK YOU!

Seriously, like really damn seriously, I don't give a damn if you want to scold me over my mistakes, but to take it on papers, affecting my performance indexes, then I will never respect you as my superior. You're just one hell of a dumbass.

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Ckp kt die pls grow up