Monday, June 17, 2013


Yesterday we laughed,
We cheerished everything we do,
I smiled to u, u always says 'I do',
When we were together,
It seems like we're magnetized to each other,
Seems so hard for me to let go,
Real hard for you to say just go.
That was yesterday.

Time flies by,
The whole world turned around,
Its been hard to live for another day,
When what we only sees are each others' mistakes,
Sometimes i cried inside,
Cursing myself on what have i done to me,
Turning the table around and left the sweetness alone.
Making u cry is never my intention,
It hurts more inside, much more than others can think of.

I miss you,
I miss those days,
I miss those feelings,
I miss the yesterday's me,
I miss it all.
It was my mistake,
My mistakes,
And I'm missing you.

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