Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I'm a technical executive..
Working for a korean company that based in Malaysia..
My salary is not that good..
But the future for the job is great..
Somehow I'm getting annoyed with my boss..
Keep on telling me to work hard..
And always said that I'm not giving my 100%..
That's because I am under-paid!
per month..For a
work like hell..
Working hours starts from 9am till u-dunno-when..
and its suppose to be only untill 6pm..
and some more, if I go back at 6pm,He will ask why am I leaving so soon?
No overtime, no special public holiday allowance..
Only monthly payment..That's all...and claims..
How am I suppose to live with that amount of money?
I wont be able to make a saving out of it..
Am I worth it for the work?
Is my work worth it for the money I earned?

I borrowed money from a friend..
Just to go to Ipoh to fix something there..
And comeback to KL on the same day..
So that I can take a rest for A WHILE!
But still I receive a wake up call for work..
And some more,
There's this one day,
Morning I have to go to Sunway for a job there..
Evening at Bukit Raja, Klang..
And night to Ipoh..
Without any sleep, I went back to KL,
Go back home and quickly dressed up FOR MY BROTHER'S WEDDING!!!
That was still not enough effort, not hard work enough for my boss..
Still can't open his eyes for a raise on my monthly paycheck!!
What else am I suppose to do?
Stay in the office till morning and do all the documentations?
Where's the admin staf u promised before, MR BOSS?!!
Where's another technical executive that u told me last month?
Where's the appreciation for me?!!
Come on...Don't tell me I'm a liability for the company..
I've made 73++ services which cost more than RM100k for the company..
And I'm not yet a year in this company..
Still not worth it?
Well then maybe I'm the one who should open my eyes,
and find another company that can pay me better..

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