Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

DiGi, it's been awhile since I last heard of it. I wasn't too keen on those leading numbers of 016, however those yellow fatso thingy can be seen here and there. I admit that the first number I'm using back in 2001 was DiGi. At that moment other service provider was quite pricey for me as a high school student. And I ended up my monthly savings on buying a DiGi number which I used for about 1 or 2 years until I get into university. Ever since, I've been stick to my current number until now. Yes, I'm not a fan of changing number club or Mr. Change My Number Every time I Broke Up. It's just me and I've been using this number for quite some times without any plan on buying a new one. To be honest, the DiGi coverage at my house now is really damn bad, therefore I have to change to other provider (even Maxis also like that).

I'm actually a proud owner of iPhone 3G 16GB. Even though the phone is currently had a major damage which forced me to cut down on my expenses to bare the repair cost, I'm still a huge fan of the phone.
Some may say that 3Gs is better or what-so-ever, but for me owning a sophisticated gadget like this means a world to me. I think this is by far, the most expensive item I've bought for myself. I don't own much to pamper myself with flashy gadget like other, and even my parent were not that loaded like some of the parents out there, therefore in order to get something, I really need to work my ass off.

I was amazed (slightly disappointed for buying the gadget too early) when I heard that Apple was working on a new project. And suddenly, out of the blue, there came the iPhone4. I was like being thrown from a 11-storey building because it happened just a few months after I bought my 3G. If I ever knew this would happened, I would rather fasting far early before Ramadhan to save money for iPhone4. I really wish that I can get the 4's one day. I really badly wanted it to sing me lullaby with the iPod on my nights, and wake me up with a stinging alarm sound. Oh, I really need to get my hands on one of those. I read about the functions lately and I was like crying out loud. I need iPhone4, I need iPhone4, I need iPhone4, and I really need it now!! Can DiGi make my wish come true?

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Anonymous said...

samsung galaxy S is the shiznit man!!

eito said...

tapi takde galaxy S contest..cerhhh~