Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, and more Jamie..

Of all the cooks in the world, this guy just captivate me with his one-of-a-kind style of cooking. When I wrote every cooks in the world, that includes my mama (sorry, mama..hehe..). Yes, Malaysia do have it's own famous cook like Chef Wan, and he was voted as top 5 chef in the world just like this Jamie guy here. Well, the judges can't point the best of the best therefore they put it 5 on the line. But for me, Jamie is the best of all. I've been followed his 'Jamie at Home', 'Oliver's Twist', 'The Naked Chef' and 'Jamie's American Road trip'. I have to admit that 'Jamie at Home' is the best of all as I learned so many things from the show. My unemployment and TV watching hours were satisfied by the tonnes of things that I've gained from this show. I actually love to see some rich famous people get their hands dirty (in the right way, of course), and make something fruitful out of it. It's hard, though to see those kind of people who their hands were always sanitized and well kept it in those pockets, to take it out and mashed up some dirts, play with some chickens or squids or lamb or anything, or even mixed it up with olive oil. I know there were many people whom are willing to get their hands away from that. Pity you. You can't get the best taste of your own hands that way.

Born in May, 1975, he was introduced and attracted to the kitchen world since he

was young. His dad runs a pub-restaurant back there in Clavering, Essex, and that's how it all begins. I don't want to talk much about him actually. I just want to express how he inspires me o
n my cookings. D'uh, I don't cook. Haha- But I really like to try it someday. Yes, I can cook some dishes instead of rice, instant noodle or boiled eggs. But my cookings were somehow limited to the Malaysian-Countryside dishes which I learned from several tutors. However, by watching Jamie's salad making, fast-chopping skills, creative mind-blogging ideas of how you can turn a simple menus to an awesome butt-kicking dishes, that's just so damn AMAZING! I was so touched when I saw his garden. In my mind it's like, 'Wow, I wish I have those Doraemon's magic door'. Rosemary, Coriander, Basil, Thyme, Mint, Carrots, Onions, Parsley, anything you need, it's just out of the window. Not just that, he also have his outside charcoal stove which he used sometimes in the show. I was like, 'WOW! I NEED TO GET THOSE! AND THOSE! AND THOSE TOO!'. I know some people might point out that he must be cooking some pork or bacon or use wines, beers, whiskey or anything to marinate and make those dishes so good. Well, to those orthodox-thinking person, count out those 'haram' things and make a comparison with the halal one that can be used. Please.

I was recently search for those kind of cooking herbs tree as I personally wanted to grow them up in my own garden. Yup, I do have a lot and lot of space for some planting (laughing at those apartment-hired readers. ). And I wish someday that I will have a garden just like Jamie's, except that his garden will have those season changing and my garden will only have one or two climate change I guessed. What ever it is, 'Jamie, I wish that I can bring you to my yard and cook for me and me family. Haha- Just kidding. I hope that one day I can meet him in person, and hopefully I can steal some of his cooking skills as I think I was old enough to get into any culinary school.'

~I wish I can cook better than my sisters. ;p

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