Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Most Interesting Gathering

On November 16, 2010, a group of Facebook network buddies from the 1M Malaysians Reject 100-Storey Mega Tower, held a first month anniversary gathering. What's so interesting about the gathering? It was a cake eating party, yes it's not typo, it's really a CAKE! How cool was that? They come from different life background, various age levels, multi-racial community, which only share the same simple thought. And they were connected via the Facebook fanpage, cool rite? And to make it more interesting, it was held at 5 different locations all over Malaysia; KLCC Fountain, Merdeka Stadium [KL area], Esplanade's Speakers Corner [Penang], Wisma Merdeka Coffee Bean [Kota Kinabalu area], Secret Recipe in Lunas [Kedah area] and McDonalds in Kampar [Perak area], and actually some of them have it somewhere else. Yes, I still going on with the boycott on McDonalds eventhough they are having cakes there. LoL. These were some pictures I get from the fanpage album, hopefully none of them would jump on me for publishing their pictures without permission. XD

Secret Recipe - Ipoh [if i'm not mistaken]

Secret Recipe - Bertam, Penang

Security want more cakes - KLCC

Cake Party - Kuchai Lama

From Kuching with cakes

One Hardcore Fan - Neslo Ais with the lovely cupcakes
Well, as some, or can I say most, of the fan in the group actually get the news quite late, they planned to do it again somewhere else; Nurul Izzah [Pantai Dalam] - Nov, 27 (Saturday) 12.30pm-3.30pm at MBPJ Civic Center, and the lovely hardcore fan - Neslo Ais - KFC Jalan Rugayah, Batu Pahat, 5.00pm - 8.00pm (Muslims, make sure don't 'tuang' your solat!). And suddenly an issue arouse when a somebody somebody said something about 'eating cake is so-kaffir'. WTH? I agree if that fellow said blowing candles was suspicious, but eating cake? It's cake, for God's sake! Ok, fine, no biggie. We Malaysians are so damn creative you know. You think the creative government who bought a submarine which is afraid to submerge, a jet without an engine, and now RM 5-bil for a stupid tower, they don't teach us to be creative? TETT! You're wrong, we people are so damn creative. These are some of the OTHER things that we can do during our next gathering.

1. Drinking Mineral Water

How cool was that, 10, 20, 30 people rising up their hands while holding a mineral water bottle and say:
not cool? ok, next!

2. Tea Party

Well, it can be a sarcastic message too. LoL.
Want more cool?
3. Say 'HI'
Ok, this thing reminds me when I'm coming late in my class. LoL.
More cool event?
4. Umbrella (ok, this sounds lame)
Ok, imagine this picture, without the rain. LoLx -LAME!

Ok, to stop my ideas of getting lame and more lame, I would just stop it here and concludes that there's so much thing that we can do together. We all Malaysians do respect each others' religion, races and beliefs, and it's not a shame thing for me to say that most of the non-Muslims in Malaysia do know some of the do's and don'ts in Islam. I was once invited by a Chinese friend of mine to have dinner at his home, and his father bought all the foods from nearby Malay stall to not offended me and my beliefs. See, we are all aware of each other's sensitive issues but that doesn't mean that we can't get together and have some fun together. That was one special things of being Malaysians. I'm proud to be Malaysian, but really ashamed of the government.

A goreng pisang eating gathering would be good too, at least we can filled something in our tummy, rite? XD

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